About Bull & Dagger

Bull & Dagger – the UK’s First Genderqueer Fashion Label

“Bulldagger”- Once a derogatory term for women who chose to eschew the confines of socially accepted gender boundaries, “Bull & Dagger” is now reclaiming the term. From a time when labels were bestowed upon you depending on how society viewed you, these women not only challenged social norms but charged them down full force in order to stay true to themselves. Bull & Dagger salutes those who refused to be defined by anyone but themselves, and looked damned good while doing it.

With a British heritage aesthetic in mind and tipping a carefully millinered brim to the flamboyant, the dandy, and the fop of a bygone era, Bull & Dagger reclaims the essence of the attention seeker with a deconstructed view towards the future.


With a deep understanding of quality in clothing, Bull & Dagger redefines the dandy look by mixing the classic but quirky prints with bold colours and impeccable tailoring. The sole focus of the collection is the small detail: clever stitching, contrast coloured lapels and flamboyant patterns that can elevate an outfit to an art form. Not exclusively for women who gravitate towards bow ties and button-up shirts, the collection suits anyone who embraces fashion as a form of self-expression and even as an extension of self.